Matt - Hospitality Team

White Badge: Yes!
Nickname: We’re working on it...
Interests: Woodwork, vehicle restoration/customisation and sailing
Talents: Clearing, food service, pouring wine/champagne, problem solving, there’s no end to his talent!
Favourite Events: Busy ones with lots of guests
What Matt wants to be when he grows up: A mechanic

What we love about Matt

Matt has been with us since Summer 2017 since his first day we knew we wanted him forever! He learns, demonstrates and retains what he has learned and requires no practice. Matt is an industrious young man who is never afraid to take charge when needed. He is a very pricticle thinker and is able to problem solve or come up with new improved ways of doing something. He is perfect front of house because he is well mannnered and has a can converse very well with but can also knows when to listen to managers. He never complains and always gets the job done. His favourite part of the job is that events are fun and all of the staff are incredibly friendly.