Kirsty - Hospitality Team Buddy

Personal Assistant to Events Director

White Badge: Yes!
Nickname: Chesh (Cheshire Cat)
Interests: Reading, watching films, Harry Potter, theme parks, arts/crafts and fixing things
Talents: Problem solving, organising, napkin folding, smiling, bar, cleaning up and canape service
Favourite Events: Exciting busy weddings
What Kirsty wants to be when she grows up: More confident

What we love about Kirsty

Kirsty is a sweet character and is perfect for hospitality because she loves looking after people. She’s gently spoken but is able to motivate others to get the job done systematically. She is highly professional, organised and able to follow orders to a high standard within a set time limit, but is never too afraid to ask for help when she needs it. Often we find that Kirsty works even when she has the opportunity not to, going the extra mile to ensure that the client gets what they want on their special day. Kirsty is also approachable and friendly, and will talk to anyone and everyone. Kirsty cannot go a second without smiling, which makes her perfect front of house. No need to ask Kirsty to do anything, because she’s already foreseen the problem and solving it. For so many reasons she’s an invaluable part of the team, both on event and in the office.