Hope - Hospitality Team Phase 2

White Badge: Yes!
Nickname: Brand Ambassador
Interests: English, Analysing text/people and Helping others
Talents: Customer service, Coming up with straplines and Writing blogs
Favourite Events: Weddings
What Hope wants to be when she grows up: Not sure?

What we love about Hope

Hope’s been with the company since summer 2017. She was promoted to ‘Brand Ambassador’, September 2018. Hope is very talented as a writer and her English language skills are incredible. Hope has worked on many external events, she’s a ‘doer,’ and when the pressure is on we can rely on Hope to work quickly but methodically especially if the food service is complex. She loves events especially weddings, she’s extremely reliable and always has a list at hand to keep things orderly. Hope is an amazing team player and an amazing person, she is small but powerful and a critical part of the team in the office as well as on event.