Sporting Event at Eton Dorney Lake - Event Staff

Sporting event at Eton Dorney Lake

Event staff for sporting event at Eton Dorney Lake:

Leah saysFor the second time running we have staffed this event to a very high standard leaving our clients delighted with our service. Votwo events put on a triathlon at Windsor Eton Dorney lakes where guests are put through their paces. This event is totally different to what we're used to, which is great for our team. Our task was to keep the event environment clean and tidy and to respond where there may be influxes of footfall which would result in an increase of rubbish.

There were a variety of food and beverage services for the athletes to snack on throughout the day, with different sports going on such as running and rowing. Leaving many different types of rubbish, which we had to sort and put into designated bins. Communication was pretty tough on this event as there were signal issues but our team worked efficiently and well ensuring that all areas were being cleaned all the time.

Although it was raining this didn't stop us, the day was still enjoyable as customers would talk to us and recognise the great job we were doing.

Our role: Waste Management

The team: Leah | Brian | Esme | Karli | Leonie | Nicole | Jonas | Ben | Caitlin | Matt | Hope | Kai | Mia | Kirsty

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