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Insomnia Gaming Festival Birmingham NEC

Last minute we were requested to supply gaming festival staff. To support Island Records and Universal. These record labels had partnered with INSOMNIA to supply all the music to the event.

The record labels objective was to profile who attends the festival and how they listen to music in their spare time.

Our task was to survey as many people as possible to obtain this information.

Our Insomnia Gaming festival staff were required to supply iPad's so that visitors could complete the online questionnaire. After spending the first day around the stage area we came up with a very logical idea. There were visitors queueing for HOURS to see celebrity YouTubers. Some people queued all day. This task had just been made a whole lot simpler! Not to mention a whole lot more productive.

Attacking the queues from the front our promotional/data capture staff passed the ipad to queueing visitors. Visitors who were more than happy to be kept occupied and this added to their queueing experience. Almost every person in the queue on day 1 was approached by our data capture staff Insomnia gaming festival staff.

Day 2

Well… now we had a clear strategy, which was quickly developed into a fully blown process. Now our Promotional/data collection staff were not only bringing their iPads but their families iPads and their phones were getting in on the action. This enabled us to target 2 - 3 times the amount of visitors each.

We interacted with 1000s of Insomnia Gaming Festival visitors. Resulting in a WHOPPING 1395 Questionnaires filled out!

The team: Leah | Melissa | Tash

The questionnaire was many pages long so we cannot believe this short 15 hour campaign resulted in 1395 questionnaires filled out complete with email addresses. 3 Staff over 2 days 1395 questionnaires fulfilled = Your Events Team Promotional staff worked their socks off!

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