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Central Working Event – Grand opening, London:

Leah says: This event was set up by Central Working who offer high end shared office facilities in central London. There were several moving parts to this event, bar management, food service and cloakroom management.

We supplied a cloakroom management service along with full staffing and management of this event. The day started with a 2.5 hour minibus journey in the blistering heat. We wanted to leave nice and early to ensure we had plenty of time to walk around and plan our strategy.

The venue was quite complex, over 4 floors and many corridors; each door was locked so this added some complexity. We began by leaving Kirsty to set up and manage the cloakroom facility. As food service was involved it was critical we had someone highly experienced to manage this. Nicole was left in charge of with Louise supporting her role and Nikki overseeing.

Leah managed the bar and the first thing that needed to be done was to put everything on chill and manage the rotation of chilled stock. She assigned key bar people who were experienced in drinks service.
Peter was left in charge of ensuring that no glass left the building and instead guests were offered plastic glasses. As there would be an array of food vans outside we anticipated he would be quite busy. So we ensured someone checked on him every hour and to deliver to the washing facilities any glassware.

Towards the end of the evening, people were drinking more and the atmosphere was amazing. There was lots of entertainment for guests, butterfly themed stilt walkers, Jazz Mino; a singer and her backup dancers (as seen in the pictures). This event in particular was good for us as we all were working in close proximity to one another whilst keeping the event clear from rubbish and clearing up spills to ensure a safe event environment.

One of our team commented – "I enjoyed the work so much I found myself getting better at it because I enjoyed it".
Leaving Kirsty managing the cloakroom ensured that everyone's belongings were logged and reunited with their owners at the end of the evening.

This is typical of a lot of the work we do with our staff. We always make sure that people are put on specific jobs according to their experience. With our team love event work and this ensures we provide a service with enthusiastic staff who offer great service with a smile.

Our role: Cloakroom Staff, Bar Staff & Event Staff

The team: Kirsty | Matt | Leah | Hope | Peter | Emily | Nikki

Thank you so much for all your support yesterday! It was great to work with you again and looking forward to our next collaboration!

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