Formal Dinner at Fawsley Hall - Hospitality Staff

Formal Dinner at Fawsley Hall - Hospitality Staff

Front of House Manager and Waiting Staff for 6 course dinner service with a complex drinks menu in Northamptonshire:

Leah saysExperiential Marketing Event for Vype – Fawsley Hall – Northamptonshire

Last minute request to our Hospitality Team but we were delighted to jump in and help. Premium staff members were required for a 6 course meal cooked by Executive head chef, our client supplied us with a Head waitress who was a creative director. Luckily we had Leah & Brian on this event because the team member supplied had to be utilised elsewhere by the client.

Leah's and Brian's combined experience running this type of complex food service really helped ensure food service flowed. Despite never being to the venue or working with the client everything pulled together. There was a different wine for each course which we ensured was poured before each course, this meant we needed to have constant communication with the chef. The event was tailored to 30 people, all of which enjoyed a sensual feast utilizing each of the guests senses.

At the beginning of the evening our job was to blindfold our assigned 3 guests and walk them through to the dining area – this got tricky at times however this was overcome by our sense of teamwork and dedication to our client. The room was filled with different coloured lights which made the room seem different during each course, for example, a colder shade reflected a cooler atmosphere. After our guests were seated, at the nod of our client the service began.

At the end of the night we showed the guests outside (without blindfolds this time) and went into a larger garden area filled with purple lights. The client made a speech then poured liquid nitrogen into water and another sensory experience was produced.

Our role: Front of House Management and Waiting Staff

The team: Elizabeth | Owen | Hamid | Nicole | Hope | Leah | Matt | Brian | Nikki

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