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We love Brand Engagement Activities. Our promotional Staff Oxfordshire get really excited by them.

We are Oxfordshire's leading event and promotional staffing supplier. We are often called upon by Oxfordshire County Council to help them bring their health messages to Oxfordshire residents.

On this occasioned we were tasked with coming up with the concept. The choreography, event logistics and of course the management.

Teamed with our Oxfordshire based promotional staff we were set to deliver the Change4life message in time for the summer holidays. No more sitting playing your PlayStaion kids because YOUR EVENTS TEAM have a message to deliver! The Message: 'complete a 10 minute shake up 3 times a day during the school holidays!

We engaged with Oxfordshire children through music and dance. To put the Brand Engagement concept into action needed the perfect entertainer. Lisa is one of our most popular Promotional Staff and shes not too far from our hub in Oxfordshire.

As an ex Butlins rep and self confessed big kid we knew she would be perfect for the role. Lisa did a brilliant job engaging with children and retaining their engagement for a whole 10 minutes. We performed several live '10 Minute Shake up.' Whereby children & parents were encouraged to take part.

The theme was 'Under the sea', inspired by Finding Dorey. After completing the shake up, children were rewarded with a stay active related prize.

Every parent was spoken to by our Oxfordshire Promotional Staff and encouraged to sign up for free to receive the Change4life Finding Dorey 10 minute shake up pack.

Are you looking for some help creating and staffing a campaign in Oxfordshire? When it comes to Event & Promotional Staffing in Oxfordshire we are YOUR TEAM.

Thanks for all you did. You made us look great – You guys were so responsive and proactive – really fantastic service.

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