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Cambridge Science Park - New site launch December 2017: 

Launch of a new prestigious state of the art co-working office building. The new offices were mainly built with IT professionals in mind so potential clients, local businesses, residents and press were invited to showcase their stunning building.

Our tasks: Cloakroom, Manage the Bar and keep the venue free of rubbish

Upon arrival we got stuck in, building the bar area and moving furniture around. Half of the team got to work moving all of the alcohol into the bar area ready for the bar team to organise. 

We had learned during briefing that we could be expecting up to 500 guests and despite our original brief suggesting that plastic glasses would be used we found only glasses. It quickly became apparent that we only had ¼ of the amount of glasses that were needed for the amount of guests expected. Jade suggested that we regularly walk around collecting and washing up all glasses to ensure we had a constant flow of glasses. From experience we know this is not a small task, but this was not a problem, we do whatever it takes.

Our bubbly friendly bar staff worked to a very high standard and delivered a great service to all guests.

As seasoned event professionals we know that our brief can be very different to what actually plays out on the day. This is what we love about our job, every time it's something different and exciting and there's nothing more we love than a challenge.

We were also asked to take on additional tasks which were; Signing guests in via iPad, Car Park Stewarding, Food Prep & Service. We work totally unsupervised, find everything we require without disturbing our client and as soon as we can see one area falling behind we jump into action.

As you can see our amazing team gets stuck in with every job that gets thrown at them with a 'whatever it takes,' attitude.

What we did:

  • Set up/ break down bar area
  • Stewarding 
  • Signing guests in via an iPad
  • Cloakroom
  • Washing up 
  • Plating up food and walking round handing out to guests
  • Move all alcohol and put furniture back

The team: Leah | Brian | Jade | Rachael | Dannielle | Carly | Bella | Kirsty | Charlie | Leonie | Karli | Kelsey | Nicole
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