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Beautiful Wedding

Our tasks Bar, Manage 3 course food service, champagne reception.

When we arrived at our venue we had a quick tour of the setup and what an amazing amount of time and effort had gone into the preparation of this wedding.

Brian and Kelsey took charge of the bar and champagne reception. Whilst in the kitchen Jade oversaw the food prep. The service started with champagne and canapés but despite the canapes being left out all morning by the MOB they still hadn't defrosted. This meant our apprentices were holding plates over the stove to help defrost them whilst being careful not to cook them. 

Once the canapes were finished Jade was already halfway through finishing plating up the starters whilst Leah briefed the team ready for service. Contrary to popular belief, platter service is just as complex as plated service. Although it takes less people to serve it takes more people to clear the table.

After laying out main course we began organising the dessert platters and the coffee stations. Due to the limited amount of room we needed our apprentices to constantly wash up.

This was a beautiful and relatively uncomplicated wedding reception. Our team were excellent, efficient and because of this everything ran smoothly. Brian & Kelsey stayed on serving at the bar long into the early hours. We love weddings here at YET and it's a pleasure to be a small part of someones dream day.

The team: Leah | Brian | Jade | Nicole | Kelsey | Leonie | Charlie | Matt | Shannon | Hope | Karlie | Jess

Leah and her team were fantastic! They were smart, efficient and did everything I asked of them on the day! THANKS

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